Rising 7th Grader Summer Math Booklet

The Rising 7th Grader Summer Math Booklet features 10 engaging math activities each based on a summer theme. Students finishing 6th grade should buy this booklet in preparation for 7th grade in the fall.


Sample activities include:

  • Write letters to a summer-math pen pal
  • Create a coordinate grid using sidewalk chalk, then complete a table and mark the ordered pairs using rocks
  • Create and solve single variable algebraic expressions using things seen at an area park
  • Collect data and use it to figure out the mean, median, mode, and range
  • Swing through your multiplication and division facts
  • Model multiplication of fractions using an envelope
  • Go to a library and read math-related literature and ask a librarian how they use math
  • Use water balloons to compare equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents
  • Explore prime and composite numbers using sidewalk chalk and water balloons
  • Make homemade playdough and use it to explore 3-dimensional figures, volume, surface area, and ratios
  • Create a mosaic and study ratios and 2-dimensional figures
  • Visit a Catholic church to explore pattern, symmetry and its place in a sacred space
  • Make lemonade and explore volume, counting money, and tithing by setting up a lemonade stand
  • Use Styrofoam cups to explore place value
  • Explore Greatest Common Factors and Lowest Common Multiples
  • Play a board game with a Math Mentor and journal about the math you used while playing
  • Daily Flashcard Motivation Page

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in