Themes & Concepts

Grab some sidewalk chalk and a glass of lemonade while you spend a sunny day filling your driveway and sidewalks up with math activities.
Explore math questions based on this special prayer.
fun and games
Choose a board game or card game to play and explore how that game uses math and then journal about the experience.
Make lemonade and set up a lemonade stand, exploring measurement, volume,  counting money, and being a good steward of earned money.
Lucky Child chooses a summer math pen pal and invites them to answer their written math questions and send a letter back with math questions for them to answer.
Use water balloons to explore math.
Make homemade playdough and use it to explore measuring, geometry, and fractions.
Choose an area park to visit and use the equipment and space to explore math-related activities.
Visit a local library to read and journal about math-related books. Each booklet includes an extra math-related activity.
Choose a Catholic church to visit and explore ideas like pattern, order, and symmetry in a sacred space.

Make math fun this summer!

Your Lucky Child should walk away each week feeling happy and looking forward to next week’s special time with their Math Mentor.